Wednesday, December 14, 2011

What's so attractive about love?

Love is the connective attraction we feel from within; our heart's content expands into something greater than we felt while unaware of love's pull. It feels intense (or we'd label it something less than love) and we want to experience that encompassing pleasure more.

When we feel love, we are experiencing an internal signal that drives us to seek more of whatever same sensations attracted our attention to begin. We want to repeat our experience because it felt empowering and fulfilling.

When we happen to be in a mutually responsive interaction at the time, we project that powerful potential onto the other person. In actuality, love need not be romantic, but we often learn to identify it as the attraction we feel as part of a couple.

Mutual attraction between two people feels exciting, and in a commitment of coupleship, we can build the emotional intensity as we share intimately* into ever greater connection. What we really are seeking, though, is not just to continue exchanging the same loving attention; we want to build the attraction into ever-more-fulfilling potential.

(*See SocioEnergetics glossary: Intimacy is not sexual, but a connection at our essential core.)
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