Friday, December 23, 2011

How does a relationship evolve into coupleship?

Coupleship is an intimately fullfilling relationship. Romance is not a prerequisite. In fact, coupleship is possible between two passionate business partners who share a commingled unity of purpose and a common vision of possibility for its fulfillment. Friendships that connect in special areas of interest can evolve into selective coupleship as well. Even arranged marriages between two who join wholeheartedly together can form a coupleship. Any surface pairing that is intimately* reciprocated can deepen into coupleship.

It takes time, attention, interest, effort, and support from and to each partner to forge the heartfelt bond necessary for coupleship to evolve.

Creating coupleship is not a single forging event but a continuous practice. With consistent regularity, each partner must honor the joint commitment to nurture the bonds that connect each to the meaningful purpose they pursue together. It takes proactive concern and care as well as ongoing immersive cooperation to generate enough interactive energy to deepen into the passionate synergy that empowers coupleship.

When both of the pair value the coupleship highly enough to continuously choose to fully fill their part of the partnership, they empower mutual fulfillment. For the duration of the process, a synergistic self-reinforcing "virtuous" reward cycle can boost the relationship out of everyday habit into the transcendent benefits of coupleship.

Because the course of life is ever-changing, the challenge of coupleship is to continuously develop. Without ongoing effort, the interaction cannot maintain the synergistic boost of mutual passion; when effort wanes, the effects of interaction fade back into less fulfilling progress. This diminishment is not, however, inevitable.

With an appropriately chosen ever-expanding integrative ideal^ guiding each in mutually reinforcing ongoing efforts, the coupleship can continue to evolve indefinitely.

(*See SocioEnergetics glossary: Intimacy is the sharing of our most valued ideals.)
(^See SocioEnergetics glossary: An integrative ideal is a values-based behavioral compass.)
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