Wednesday, December 21, 2011

How does coupleship passion grow?

Passion is a thoroughly fulfilling emotion, and once we experience its expansive effect, we yearn for more of its impassioning power. Though passion need not be romantic, we often associate passion with our interactions in relationship. In committed coupleship, the attractive motivation of mutually expressed loving emotions can build into the energizing potential of passion.

Passion, like love, is an internal signal of attraction; unlike love, though, it takes more than just our own energy to trigger passion's synergistic power. Passion arises as we integrate all our energy in one purposeful driving force toward personal fulfillment of an inner focal ideal. The integrative ideal we yearn to create need not involve another person, though when in coupleship, we tend to project our unitive longing onto our partner.

In a coupleship, devoting time and attention to each other is how intimacy* grows, stimulating more mutual attraction. With every little additional connection, we have another opportunity to share our activities, ideas, and more closely held truths, revealing more of our most valued inner being and sharing ideal stimulation.

As our commingling energies grow together, we feel more and more connected – and more and more excited to be with each other; as a result, we share more and more of ourselves and the closeness commingles more and more of our energies further and further. We associate that growing intensity with our romantic endeavors and a self-reinforcing "virtuous" reward cycle can ensue.

When both partners of a coupleship choose to fuse together with one uniting purpose, passion grows and can peak as the two become fully-filled with one transcendent drive. We experience this fusion of being as bliss or ecstasy.

(*See SocioEnergetics glossary: Intimacy requires uncensored essential sharing  at our core of being, not mere sexual connection.)
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