Thursday, November 24, 2011

What's there to be thankful for?

A twinge in my shoulder as I woke up this morning surprised me into noticing a lot of things I'm thankful for – not the least of which is having this blog to share them with (even if the Blogger glitch means comments are hard to leave – HINT: email yours along with the blog Wonder or date to and I'll post them for you!).

Today, I woke up, as usual, noticing I'd slept wrong on my arm (I tend to dislocate it ever so slightly, unaware until it begins to drag when I swim), but today is Thanksgiving, so I was able to realize I'm thankful I have both the physical and mental capacity (unlike my mother and so many incapacitated others) to make corrective adjustments.

I'm thankful, too, that I can go (most days if not this specific holiday one!) to the local Y pool to work out my shoulder, even though I'm neither Young, a Man, nor Christian, and I'm thankful the YMCA lets everyone else Associate there, too, whether young or not, man or not, Atheist, Muslim, Buddhist, or Jew as well as eclectic others (like me!), and that members are welcome whether poor or well-off, physically fit or in need of major reconditioning; and I'm thankful that the Y (and lots of other businesses, too) gives its employees off for special holidays so that families have times they can all gather together.

On this day with its tradition of huge Thanksgiving feasts, I'm thankful I can choose to eat in moderation, that despite worldwide hunger and poverty, I can afford plenty, and that I have the discernment to opt for healthy foods instead of empty calories so that I'm not one of America's 60+% who are overweight or obese yet hunger still for more.

I'm thankful, too, that I recognize that not all hunger is for food, that although I often feel an aimless yearning urge within, I've come to realize that not all signals that I perceive as hunger indicate a need for food but rather are often a craving for nourishment of a different sort: mental stimulation from a good book, another's touching comfort, the challenge of not just envisioning my passion but of bringing it to fulfillment, finding a community of CommonUnity that shares my values and appreciates my productivity – and that I have the freedom, resources, and stamina to seek to fully fill all those hungers, to achieve personal fulfillment in the most satisfying ways.

And where those hungers go unmet, I'm thankful we who have plenty have become aware and can appreciate the need and yearnings of those countless unknown others and that this world of the internet and common compassion enables us to undertake many cooperative ways to extend help and hope around the globe as well as all across our own communities.

Finally, I'm thankful that you've read my blog! Thank you for letting me share so much of what I appreciate today with you.

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Bill Flower said...

An excellent summation of the Thanks we should all be aware of and need to continue to reach out to those who are less fortunate. From a Follower of these most thoughtful insights and daily Wonders.