Thursday, October 6, 2011

What truth is trustworthy?

We tend to gravitate to "trusted sources" – not the ones with qualitative credentials but the ones whose viewpoints most closely reflect our own prejudices. If we have no preconceived notion about an unfamiliar topic, we turn to the experts we rely on in other areas to direct us to new answers, no matter how unrelated to the original subject.

Whole networks of misinformation abound online, tying one prejudiced website to others of its ilk. As Google learns your preferences, its search engine algorithms sort out the most likely matches for your choices, and you are unlikely to sift down the results to a contradictory site. But should that happen, your inner defenses will discount, demean, and ignore any discrepant, invalidating, or objectionable content, no matter how objectively it is presented.

Fight or flight reactions shut down the conscious thinking mind to fuel self-protective resistance, rationalization, and justification. Without intentional conscious consideration, we continue to think what has always been true
I wonder... what you think.

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