Tuesday, October 11, 2011

How do you conceive a better world?

When I was young, I had absolutely no inclination to be a parent. I thought the world was cruel and unlikely to become the sort of place I'd like to leave my child in. The logic of this decision was crystal clear, and changing my mind seemed no more likely than leaving as my legacy a world worthy of heirs.

I did change my mind about having a child. It wasn't that I viewed the world as improved but that I conceived a child I just knew would be wonderful, the sort of person who makes the world a better place just by being part of it. (And indeed she is; happy birthday, sweetheart.)

Yet, still, I don't feel the urge to expect my child to perpetuate my change of heart about that sort of parenthood. With all the idiot politicians setting course for our global future, I still consider the world too cruel and unlikely to become the sort of place I'd like to leave a child in. Now, though, I'm reconceiving the effect of my doubtful conclusions.

Today, I'm turning my creative focus to nurturing a world more worthy of heirs. Just as I helped guide my child to grow into the thoughtful, compassionate, and conscientious humanitarian she has become, my intention today is to help those with concerns about our world learn one baby step at a time to foster the growth of a better one into existence.

For any person who wants to conceive a legacy worthy of heirs , the process is as easy as better everyday choices:
  • Question what is and how you can help improve what's wrong.
  • Open your heart to connect with those in difficult times and places.
  • Follow through on what you can do now to make things better.
  • Keep advancing toward what you can't yet accomplish.
If only we each initiate one baby step forward today, we would birth a better world tomorrow. That's a legacy everyone, parent or not, could be comfortable aspiring to conceive.
I wonder... what you think.

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