Tuesday, April 26, 2011

How trustworthy is Coffee Party USA?

I'd read that Coffee Party USA was supposed to be a centrist and non-partisan alternative to the teaparty, but in good conscience I always check the facts. Ben Smith's characterization turned out to be less than accurate. Co-founder Eric Byler's blog states the group is intended to be trans-partisan; if that means they are equally skeptical of all parties ... READ MORE
I wonder... what you think.

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Anonymous said...

Well, a recent comment they made said, in effect, that all problems could be traced to the fact that, essentially, money was ruining our Democracy. First, we are a REPUBLIC, not a democracy ... remember? And second, there are several problems that I would rate a LOT higher on the scale than MONEY. The top of my list would be the fact that this country is essentially polarizing into two groups, and the scale of rhetoric is getting so bad that the two now almost no longer share a common language with which to discuss the pressing problems facing our country nor a common cultural context on which to base such a discussion. If the level of rhetoric is NOT controlled and the cultural divisions cannot be bridged, I see no possibility for compromises to be reached which will allow action to be taken in time to rescue this nation from total disaster.