Thursday, December 31, 2009


January 9Why do we think it's good to complain?
January 11Why do we focus on what we don't want?
January 18What is wrong with research?
January 22Why do we think mental deterioration is normal aging?
January 25Why do we think the past never changes?
January 28What's the benefit of reading disagreeable points of view?
February 1Why would any intelligent aliens want to find us?
February 5Why don't politicians represent their constituencies?
February 7Why do we think love hurts?
February 13Why do we procrastinate?
February 15Why is reality so hard to see?
February 17How do you compute self-worth?
February 18What does the dream cycle accomplish?
February 22Why are we trying to fix the problem with the tools that failed?
February 24Why are mindsets so hard to change?
February 25How can so many continue to ignore reality?
February 26Why can't we come up with a better solution?
March 2Why are we so hung up on light?
March 4What lessons are "reality" shows teaching?
March 7What kind of legacy are we preparing?
March 8Why do losses make enough insufficient?
March 10Why do we think we need more?
March 13Why isn't okay now enough?
March 15Why do people become more resistant to change as they grow older?
March 17Why do we worry for hours in the middle of the night?
March 20Why are we surprised megacorporations are failing?
March 23How can we expect a better future?
March 25Why do little things irritate so much?
March 28Why do we ever hurry?
March 29Why does it frustrate me that my mom doesn't care to remember the past?
March 31Why are researchers unable to recognize randomness as rule-driven?
April 6Why is war America's fundamental metaphor?
April 10Why do we think of the brain as a muscle?
April 11Why do we let words separate us?
April 13What benefit does society expect from war?
April 14How can we renovate the structure of our lives?
April 16How can America expect to thrive in today's reality?
April 17What has happened to America's vision?
April 18Why do we think there is a right answer?
April 19Why don't rules and laws make us moral?
April 20How many rules does it take to define morality?
April 21Why can't we make the most of it?
April 22How can we heal our world?
April 24What is wrong with worry?
April 26Why are so many kids victimized?
April 27How can we teach children better?
April 29Why would a theoretician take criticism personally?
May 2Where are we going and why are we here?
May 3Where is Toynbee's Creative Minority when we need them?
May 6What facts are we missing?
May 7How is truth defined?
May 9How can we test the effectiveness of a new prescription?
May 10What future path works best?
May 11Why do we call quantum physics Einsteinian?
May 11What makes us idealize reality?
May 12Why do we think experts know more?
May 13How does appreciation differ from gratitude?
May 15Why don't prisons rehabilitate?
May 17Why is change hard?
May 19What triggers change?
May 23Why do we focus on unlikely things?
May 24What’s the purpose of mosquitos?
May 25Why do we still memorialize war?
May 26Why do words get in the way?
May 27Why do we want to keep things the same?
May 28Is anybody out there?
May 29Why do scientists think in limited dimensions?
May 30What makes war-dead heros?
May 31How can we make the world safe?
June 1How can we consider human intelligence as the maximal optimum?
June 2Why do we think balance is natural?
June 3Why do fundamentalists feel justified in oppression?
June 5Why does reading put me to sleep?
June 7Why do we presume old wisdom to be true?
June 9Why does science study only mass that is physical?
June 10What are you hungry for?
June 12Why is it good to sleep on your back?
June 14Why would a democracy seek to restrict internet access?
June 15Why haven't we learned much about the brain?
June 17Why are VA experts surprised by the rise of PTSD?
June 17Why is PTSD so intractably persistent?
June 19What does it take to feel alive?
June 20What does it take to live spiritually?
June 21Why do we fear death?
June 21What does life after death really mean?
June 22When we break down, why is God's plan the preferred answer?
June 23Why must difference separate?
June 24Why do we advocate give and take?
June 25Why do we confuse law with justice?
June 26What does it take for parents to be grand?
June 27Why are we so reluctant to be real?
June 28Why do we expect change to be easy?
June 29How hard is it to clear the mind?
July 1What voices inhabit your mind?
July 4Have US citizens forgotten our foundational values?
July 6Where are we going and why are we here?
July 8What ever happened to closeness?
July 10Why do we build social walls?
July 12What is the essential connection of science and religion?
July 14Whatever happened to thank you notes?
July 15What advantage is there in traditional arranged marriage?
July 16Where did America's leadership go wrong?
July 17Is happiness a neverending pursuit?
July 19How costly is finding peace in this noisy world?
July 20How can I summarize my life in 6 words?
July 22Is nationwide change possible?
July 23Why do we limit the future with past choices?
July 24What spiritual guidance makes sense today?
July 27Why do we value profit more than responsibility?
July 28Where have all the good stewards gone?
July 30How can we approve covert operations?
August 1Is age a matter of mind?
August 3How can HumanKind be more than Nice?
August 6How many heros does it take to make a miracle?
August 8Why do we hold on to our beliefs?
August 11Where is the love?
August 14How can tomorrow be better than today?
August 15How could anyone find familiarity contemptuous?
August 16What's in a name?
August 17How can opposites have the same objective?
August 19Is it all in the brain?
August 21What is energy?
August 24What can we learn from a garden?
August 27What is the story of your life?
August 30Why do we complain?
August 31Why don't we change?
September 2What messages do we get from birthdays?
September 3What messages do we get from birthdays?
September 4What messages do we get from birthdays?
September 6What's so good about a holiday charity fundraiser?
September 7Why is Labor Day worth a day off?
September 11How can we change history?
September 14Why does helping another help us?
September 16How can growth be bad?
September 19How can we be understood?
September 20How can we be understood?
September 21How can we be understood?
September 23What's really important?
September 24Who are you?
September 26Why do we value punishment?
September 28How could life have a pattern?
September 29What's wrong with confrontation?
October 2What is the virtue of patience?
October 9What makes commitment worthwhile?
October 18Why isn't life what I think it should be?
October 26Why does everything take so long?
November 5How can resistance be overcome?
November 11What reality does death have?
November 26What ever happened to thankfulness?
December 5What's wrong with revering the past?
December 10Why talk about war when the topic is Peace?
December 11Why should anyone be a good, morally grounded person?
December 13Why should we worry about business profits?
December 14What supply side equation derives from greedy demands?
December 18What is wrong with positive thinking?
December 20How can anger be positive?
December 24Why do we need holidays?
December 29What makes love last?
December 30If love is work, why bother?
December 31How can we make the world better?

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

What makes love last?

Psychologist Robert Epstein, former editor of Psychology Today, advocates replacing the failed American romantic standard with better-controlled development of love. His method employs "strategies and behaviours that relationship experts have found increase feelings of intimacy: sharing vulnerabilities, touching each other affectionately and seeking adventures together." (See more at

Epstein has an inkling of the right idea, but he's only scratching the surface. ... READ MORE
I wonder... what you think.